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The Most Common Work VISA’s in USA IT Recruitment

In our previous post about US IT Recruitment, we discussed the basics of US IT Recruitment, like What is US IT Recruitment, how US IT Recruitment works, how you can easily get a job in US IT Recruitment, etc.

In this new post we are going to discuss a few other Important aspects of US IT Recruitment, so stay tuned with our US IT Recruitment series-

Let’s start and know more about US Work visas and have a clear understanding of all different types of work VISAs in the USA and Who can work in the USA or Who is eligible to work in the USA.


US IT Recruitment work visa
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Who can work in the USA (US IT Recruitment):

Any Native US Citizen, Immigrant VISA holder, or Non-Immigrant work VISA holder is eligible to work in the USA.

Who is a US Citizen:

Let’s understand these terms, A Native US Citizen is a person who is born in the USA and automatically has US Citizenship and is known as US Citizen, he doesn’t need any work visa and is open to working with any employer across the USA.

What is an Immigrant VISA and Who is an Immigrant VISA holder: (Different types of work VISAs in the USA)

As per USCIS, any foreigner (Not a citizen of the USA) who wishes to come and work in the USA must have an Immigrant VISA, so An Immigrant VISA must be sponsored by a US Citizen, or US permanent resident, Green Card holder, or any employer in the USA must have an approved petition before applying to an Immigrant work VISA.

Here are different types of Immigrant VISA, to check to click.

What is a Non-Immigrant VISA and Who is a Non-Immigrant VISA holder (US IT Recruitment):

Non-immigrant VISA categories depend on the purpose of entering the USA, for example, if you are entering in the USA for business purposes you will have a business visa, commonly known as a B1 or B2 VISA.

Similarly, there are a few more like H1B VISA, TN VISA, E3 VISA, L1, L2, EAD, Student Visas – F1, CPT, OPT, Post Completion OPT, and STEM, H4 VISA, and many more.

For more details on Non-Immigrant Visa – Checkout here.

Different types of work VISAs in USA (Most Popular) & Respective Validity-



Initial Validity


US Citizen

Unlimited N/A


3 years

3 more years

Student VISA – F1 / CPT During study time

N/A but will get OPT after completion

OPT 1 year after completion of the Study

Can be extended to STEM OPT


2 years N/A


No Validity


EAD Usually 3 years

Must get approval for Green Card

Green Card / Permanent Resident

10 Years



Initially valid for 3 years can be extended further for 2-5 years more


Dependent of L1 Visa Holder’s

so same validity as L1

can be extended further for 2-5 years more

B1 VISA A Business Visa only, Valid for 1 month to 10 years



A business VISA is usually issued for 6-12 Months initially for Travel purposes only. Yes


Spouse of H1B Visa holder


Asylum EAD 10 years


What is the process for getting a Green Card in the USA?

The process for acquiring a Green Card in the United States is a complex and time-consuming process, it has many steps depending on the applicant’s specific situation. Initially, applicants determine their eligibility criteria, which could be based on family or employment connections, refugee or asylum status, or other circumstances.

Once eligibility is established, the applicant must fill out a few forms, submit fees, and submit the required document, followed by biometric data collection and lastly an interview process.

Finally, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reviews the application and decides whether to allow or deny the Green Card to the respective candidate.

How can an H1B candidate obtain a Green Card in the USA?

An H1B candidate usually has 3 years of validity on their initial H1B Stamping, and after that, they can get it extended for 3 more years, In this total 6-year time period they need an employer who sponsors their visa and file a Green Card application.

A Green Card application usually can be filed in two ways, first is a normal process, and second is premium filing, Premium GC Filing is a little costly but speeds up the process.

The other way to get Green Cardis to buy own home in the USA, which will make someone eligible to get a Green Card, we also know this process as Permanent Resident (PR).

A permanent Resident also has the same validity as a Green Card, There are a few other ways as well get a Green Card, which are usually a lottery system and on behalf of the fiancé as well.

How to get US Citizenship/ How to become an American Citizen

Becoming a U.S. citizen is the status granted to anyone born in the U.S., or by completing a successful naturalization process.

US IT Recruitment work visa
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Naturalization is a process by which an immigrant visa holder of America can become a U.S. citizen. Among all Immigrant VISA holders only those who have had a green card / permanent resident for more than 3 to 5 years, During the Naturalization process, the candidate has to take the Oath of Allegiance ceremony, after that, they need to wait around 18 to 24 months.

The naturalization processing file fee is somewhere close to $730, including around $650 for processing and close to $80 for biometrics.

Hope this has given you a fair idea about different types of work VISAs in the USA, VISA Validity, migrating visas from one to another, and how to get US Citizenship.

If you have any doubts or anything else to share about this article, please feel free to comment below, I would certainly like to answer at the earliest.

So Let’s meet soon in the next post, to describe more about US Tax Terms, Payroll Structure, and who can work on which tax term, so let’s stay tuned.

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