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US IT Recruitment Training Part 4: Best Overview of the United States of America

This is part of US IT Recruitment Training, we will discuss thoroughly the geographical condition of the United States of America, As we know the USA is a united form of multiple states so we will also learn all the states and their abbreviations, main cities under different states, Daylight saving time (DST) and finally different time zones of USA in recruitment aspects.

We have already published the 3 different parts of this US IT Recruitment training, all the parts, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 can be checked here.

Geographic Situation & Overview of the United States of America

There is a total of 50 states in the United States of America which are listed below, a map of the USA would also be helpful to under in a better way.

USA on Global Map

US IT Recruitment USA on Glob

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United States of America, All 50 states, and their abbreviations / US IT Recruitment.

Before we go to the chart/table of States & Cities, Let’s learn more about time zones.

What are EST, CST, MST, and PST?

 EST: Stands for Easter Standard Time

EST is usually GMT+10.30, so in other words when it is 6.30 pm in India, its 9.00 am in EST USA. (In DST 1-hour difference)

 CST: Stands for Central Standard Time

MST is usually GMT+11.30, so in other words when it is 6.30 pm in India, its 8.00 am in CST USA. (In DST 1-hour difference)

 MST: Stands for Mountain Standard Time

MST is usually GMT+12.30, so in other words when it is 6.30 pm in India, its 7.00 am in MST USA. (In DST 1-hour difference)

 PST: Stands for Pacific Standard Time for US IT Recruitment

PST is usually GMT+13.30, so in other words when it is 6.30 pm in India, its 6.00 am in PST USA. (In DST 1-hour difference)

US IT Recruitment
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S. No. State Name Abb/ Time Zone Main Cities
1 New York NY        EST NYC, Manhattan, Smithtown
2 New Hampshire NH        EST Dover
3 New Jersey NJ        EST Jersey City
4 Massachusetts MA        EST Boston, Salem, Cambridge, Quincy & Worcester
5 Rhode Island RI        EST Warwick, Woonsocket
6 Connecticut CT        EST Hartford
7 Washington D.C DC        EST City of DC
8 West Virginia WV        EST Wyoming
9 Delaware DE        EST Dover
10 Maine ME        EST Augusta
11 Vermont VT        EST Burlington
12 Pennsylvania PA        EST Philadelphia, Harrisburg
13 Maryland MD        EST Baltimore
14 Virginia VA        EST Richmond
15 North Carolina NC        EST Charlotte, Raleigh
16 South Carolina SC        EST Columbia
17 Ohio OH        EST Columbus
18 Kentucky KY        EST Louisville, Frankfort
19 Tennessee TN CST Memphis
20 Georgia GA        EST Atlanta
21 Alabama AL CST Birmingham, Montgomery
22 Florida FL EST Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville
23 Michigan MI EST Detroit, Pontiac
24 Indiana IN EST Indiana City
25 Mississippi MS EST Jackson
26 Minnesota MN CST Minneapolis, St. Paul
27 Wisconsin WI CST Madison, Milwaukee
28 Iowa IA CST Iowa City, Des Moines
29 Illinois IL CST Chicago, Naperville, Springfield
30 Missouri MO CST Kansa City, St Louise, Jefferson
31 Arkansas AR CST Little Rock, Bentonville
32 Louisiana LA CST New Orleans, Baton Rogue
33 North Dakota ND CST Fargo
34 South Dakota SD CST Water Town, Aurora
35 Nebraska NE CST Nebraska, Omaha
36 Kansas KS CST Kansas City, Overland Park, Wichita, Topeka
37 Oklahoma OK CST Tulsa, Bartlesville
38 Texas TX CST Spring, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Irving
39 Montana MT MST Bozeman, Billings
40 Wyoming WY MST Casper, Gillette
41 Colorado CO MST Spring, Denver
42 New Mexico NM MST Santa Fe, Roswell, Farmington
43 Idaho ID MST Boise, Idaho Falls
44 Utah UT MST Salt Lake City, Cedar
45 Arizona AZ MST Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe
46 Washington WA PST Seattle, Bellevue
47 Oregon OR PST Portland, Beaverton, Salem
48 Nevada NV PST Las Vegas, Boulder City
49 California CA PST San Francisco, San Ramon, Sunnyvale
50 Alaska AK PST Anchorage, Sitka


What is Daylight Saving Time (DST) / US IT Recruitment:

In the United States, Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November. During DST, clocks are turned forward by one hour, which means that there is more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings. This change is intended to make better use of natural daylight and to conserve energy.

Summer daylight saving time in America always starts on the 2nd Sunday in the month of March and ends on the 1st Sunday in the month of November. This is being followed since the year 2007.

However, it’s important to note that not all states in the US observe DST. Hawaii and most of Arizona do not participate in DST, while some territories like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands also do not observe it.

So, there is always a discussion that eliminates DST altogether in a few states.


DST Difference:

To understand DST in a better way, let me give you an example below-

EST (Usual Time) EST (DST Time)
9.00 am 8.00 am
CST (Usual Time) CST (DST Time)
8.00 am 7.00 am
MST (Usual Time) MST (DST Time)
7.00 am 6.00 am
PST (Usual Time) PST (DST Time)
6.00 am 5.00 am



Major Companies / Clients in the USA and their Headquarters:

From the US IT Recruitment aspect, it is very important to know which are the major clients or major companies and their headquarters locations in the USA.

A Recruiter must know well and remember all of these clients to serve in a better way.

Let’s have a close look at the top 50 clients in the USA as per revenue in descending order.


S. No. Client/Company Headquarter Domain
1 Walmart ecommerce Bentonville, AR
2 Amazon Retail Seattle, WA
3 Apple Electronics Cupertino, CA
4 CVS Healthcare Healthcare Woonsocket, RI
5 United Health Group – UHG Healthcare Minnetonka, MN
6 Exxon Mobil Petroleum Irving, TX
7 Berkshire Hathaway Conglomerate Omaha, NE
8 Alphabet IT Mountain view, CA
9 McKesson Corp. Healthcare Irving, TX
10 AmerisourceBergen Pharma Chester brooks, PA
11 Microsoft IT Seattle, WA
12 Costco Retail Issaquah, WA
13 Cigna Healthcare Bloomfield, CT
14 AT&T Communication Dallas, TX
15 Cardinal Health Healthcare Dublin, OH
16 Chevron Corporation Petroleum San Ramon, CA
17 The Home Depot Retail Atlanta, GA
18 Walgreens Boot Alliance Company Deerfield, IL
19 Marathon Oil Petroleum Findlay, OH
20 Elevance Health Healthcare Indianapolis, IN
21 Kroger Corp. Retail Cincinnati, OH
22 Ford Motors Automotive Dearborn, MI
23 Verizon Communication NYC, NY
24 JPMorgan Chase – JPMC Financial NYC, NY
25 General Motors- GM Automotive Detroit, MI
26 Centene Healthcare St. Louise, MO
27 Facebook/Meta IT Menlo Park, CA
28 Comcast Communication Philadelphia, PA
29 Phillips 66 Petroleum Houston, TX
30 Valero Energy Petroleum San Antonio, TX
31 Dell IT Round Rock, TX
32 Target Corp. Retail Minneapolis, MN
33 Fannie Mae Financial Washington, DC
34 UPS – United Parcel Service Transportation Atlanta, GA
35 Lowe’s Petroleum Mooresville, NC
36 Bank of America Financial Charlotte, NC
37 Johnson & Johnson – J&J Healthcare New Brunswick, NJ
38 Archer Daniels Midland Food Chicago, IL
39 FedEx Courier / Transportation Memphis, TN
40 Humana Inc. Health Insurance Company Louisville, KY
41 Wells Fargo Banking SFO, CA
42 State Farm Insurance Bloomington, IL
43 Pfizer Healthcare NYC, NY
44 PepsiCo Food & Beverages Purchase, NY
45 Intel IT Santa Clara, CA
46 P&G – Procter & Gamble Consumer Products Cincinnati, OH
47 General Electric – GE Automotive Boston, MA
48 IBM IT Armonk, NY
49 MetLife Insurance NYC, NY
50 Prudential Financial Financials Newark, NJ


So in this article, we have discussed, all four different time zones of the United States of America from US IT Recruitment aspect, all 50 states in the USA, the 50 state’s abbreviations and their short code along with the most popular cities there in the USA, I believe we have a clear understanding of time zones, daylight saving timings and all the terms mentioned above.

If there is still any doubt, kindly feel free to comment below and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

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