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The LIC IPO and Share Prices : Everything You Must Know

Before we discuss LIC IPO and Share Prices, first we need to understand what LIC is.

LIC is the largest insurance company in India, is Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). The Indian government is the company’s owner, and it was founded in 1956.

The LIC IPO and Share

< strong>The LIC IPO and Share Prices

The LIC IPO was a major milestone for the Indian government. In 2022, it was the third-biggest IPO globally and the largest IPO in India’s history.

The IPO had a tremendous positive impact on the Indian economy. It assisted to increase the investor’s confidence in the Indian market in addition to assisting the government in obtaining much-needed finance.

The LIC IPO and  Shares
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The LIC IPO was a success for both the party’s government as well as investors, but since the LIC IPO and share price has changed significantly. Since the listing, the share price has decreased by more than 10%.

The share price has decreased due to many reasons, there are multiple factors, including escalating interest rates, the Ukraine crisis, and the deteriorating global economic situation.

Even with its share price falling, LIC is still a valuable business. It has an extensive customer base and an established track record. The company is successfully run and has a sound financial status.


The LIC IPO Process:

The IPO for the LIC was a multi-step, difficult procedure. The government’s initial action was to submit a Draught Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) to SEBI, The Securities and Exchange Board of India.

The DRHP is a document that provides information about the company and the IPO. Once the DRHP was filed, SEBI reviewed it and made any necessary changes.

The LIC IPO and Shares

The next step was for the government to launch the LIC IPO. The IPO was open for subscription for a period of 5 days. During this time, investors could apply to buy shares in LIC. The government set a price band of Rs 902 to Rs 949 per share.

The final step was for the government to allocate LIC IPO and shares to investors. The government used a computer-based system to allocate shares to investors. The system considered the number of shares that investors applied for and their priority.

The LIC IPO and Share brought in Rs 21,000 crore for the government it was the third-biggest IPO globally in 2022 and the largest IPO in India’s history.


The LIC Share Price

The LIC share price was listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay on May 17, 2022, at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

At the opening of trading, the share price was Rs. 867.20 on the NSE and Rs. 872.50 on the BSE. With respect to the issue price of Rs 949 per share, these discounts amounted to 8.62% and 7.49%, respectively and the lot size is minimum 15 Shares.

The LIC IPO and Shares

The LIC share price has been volatile since its listing. Since the share price was listed, it has decreased by more than 10%. A variety of elements have had a role in the share price’s decrease.

These include the increasing cost of borrowing money, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the recession in the world economy.

LIC is still a valuable corporation despite the drop in share price. It has a solid history and a sizable consumer base. Additionally, the business is effectively managed and in good financial standing. Investors’ investments in LIC are probably long-term ones.

The LIC IPO and Share Prices and The Indian Life Insurance Market

The LIC IPO and Shares is also major event for the Indian life insurance market. The IPO will increase competition in the market, which could lead to lower premiums for consumers. The IPO will also make LIC more transparent and accountable to investors. This could lead to better management of the company and improved returns for investors.

The Future of LIC:

The LIC IPO and Shares

The Indian Economy, The business is in a strong position to compete with other Indian life insurance providers. In the years to come, LIC is probably going to keep playing a significant role in the Indian life insurance industry.

The LIC IPO and Shares

Here are some variables that may impact the price of LIC shares in the future.

  • The performance of the Indian economy
  • The performance of the Indian life insurance market
  • The competition from other life insurance companies
  • The management of the company
  • The financial position of the company.
  • Investors should carefully consider these factors before investing in LIC.


When considering an investment in LIC IPO and Shares, investors should take a few other factors into consideration in addition to the ones already mentioned.

The fact that LIC is a government-owned company must be remembered above all else. This suggests that the government has a big impact on how the organization runs its operations.

The LIC is a sizable business with a complicated organizational structure. This can make it difficult for investors to understand the company’s financial performance and assess its risks.

Finally, LIC is a relatively new company on the stock market. This means that there is limited historical data available to investors. As a result, investors should be cautious when investing in LIC.


For the Indian government and economy, the LIC IPO and Shares represented a significant turning point. The IPO was a success and raised money for the government that was desperately needed.

The IPO also contributed to an increase in investor faith in the Indian market. LIC is a significant business with a successful past and a promising future. Long-term investors should think about investing in LIC.

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