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Samsung Galaxy M14 Review – Read here if this is Awesome

Samsung Galaxy M14 Review is something everyone would like to know and have a deep dive into it, many phones have come and gone so far, yet Samsung continues to increase its worth and fame in the market.

The first 5G Samsung smartphone was released only a few years ago. That phone was the Galaxy S10 5G, and it was prohibitively expensive.

Now, every Galaxy flagship offers a worldwide 5G connection. Samsung also has a large number of mid-range 5G devices in its inventory.

Samsung’s efforts to make 5G phones more cheap have mostly been successful, and the Galaxy M14 is the fruit of those efforts.

Today, we will go over whether this phone is nice and inexpensive, as well as all of its specifications.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Design and Display:

Samsung’s cheap phones, like the M14 5G, have not garnered the same level of love as its mid-range phones.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Review Samsung M14
Image Credit: Pexels


Both the appearance and the feel of the hand support this. It should come as no surprise that the rear is made of plastic.

The M14 further demonstrates its low cost by being extremely light yet housing a 6,000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Display:

When we are doing Samsung Galaxy M14 Review, Samsung phone’s display borders are also rather important, which is not surprising given its pricing.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Review Samsung M14
Image Credit: Unsplash


The 6.6-inch Full HD+ LCD panel’s colors might seem a touch flat, and the screen’s maximum brightness can be insufficient outside on a bright day.

The M14 display’s main feature is its 90Hz refresh rate, which allows for largely seamless animations and user interface navigation.

It’s also pleasing to note that Samsung has improved the M13 5G’s Gorilla Glass 3 protection to Gorilla Glass 5.

Additionally, we thought the waterdrop notch on the display didn’t seem nice.

Nowadays, a lot of firms are offering punch-hole sensors for the same price, making the notch seem a little dated.

There is no HDR material accessible for streaming on websites like YouTube or Netflix.

The display’s colors are nevertheless acceptable for the budget range, and the 90Hz refresh rate provides a fluid scrolling experience.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Camera:

The Samsung Galaxy M14 5G has the followings cameras
● 50MP primary camera,
● A 2MP macro,
● A 2MP depth sensor on the back.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Review Samsung M14
Image Credit: Pexels

An LED flash is also included in the triple-camera setup.

Now comes the fun part for selfie enthusiasts. The camera boasts 13 MP, which is more than enough to snap a nice picture.

However, the 50MP main back camera is not at all awful. Photographs shot in daylight have a pleasing degree of fine detail, low noise, and a wide dynamic range.

Pixel binning is used by the phone to capture 12MP photos.

Using the maximum 50MP resolution because the little gain in detail in 50MP images does not outweigh the larger file size.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Performance:

The Galaxy M14 performs erratically. The M14 is decent for the price, but like other Samsung cheap phones, it occasionally lags.

The phone would sometimes respond to each touch a few seconds later than it should have.

It happens frequently enough that the model with 4GB of RAM is a bad decision.

Unless you have a very small budget, the 6GB RAM option is recommended.

Gaming performance is more than enough if you play hard titles like Call of Duty or PUBG at the lowest graphics settings.

Even when playing games, the phone does not overheat. Isn’t it fascinating?

However, if you’re a seasoned mobile gamer expecting performance comparable to the Galaxy A33/A34 or Galaxy A53/A54, you’ll be disappointed, hope these Samsung Galaxy M14 Review will help a lot to make a decision whether you should buy it?.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Battery Life:

The Samsung Galaxy has an excellent battery life and is estimated to last two days. Even somewhat longer than two days can be achieved using the phone.

Even with extensive use, the phone still manages to survive more than a day. Of course, the two-day+ battery life is only possible with light to moderate use.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Review Samsung M14
Image Credit: Pexels


Samsung Galaxy M14 Review is helpful if The M14 is completed every day throughout the week.

This is fortunate because, even with 25W charging, it takes an hour and a half to completely charge the 6,000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy M14 Software:

The Galaxy M14 5G comes pre-installed with Android 13 and Samsung’s One UI Core 5.1 overlay.

One UI Core is often a simplified version of Samsung’s full-fledged non-Core One UI, and this is the case here as well.

In addition to most of the basic Android 13 features, the M14 adds several fancy and now typical Samsung features including

  • Secure Folder
  • Samsung Wallet
  • Quick Share
  • Music Share
  • Dual Messenger
  • Game Launcher
  • Google Discover

Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Call and Audio Quality:

5G networks in India have taken off at a shockingly rapid speed. Samsung has been similarly swift in growing the number of 5G-enabled phones.

The Galaxy M14 is one of the less expensive models, and its 5G network speed is good.

Call quality is likewise decent, although the M14 has the same problem as other non-flagship Galaxy phones. Neither the earpiece nor the loudspeaker is loud enough.

If you’re in a quiet environment, you can hear everything, but not outside., Samsung Galaxy M14 Review is something going to help to know, It’s why Samsung’s Voice Focus function, which attempts to reduce noise in conversations, hope you would like to read about Samsung A8 as well.

Final Verdict

The Galaxy M14 5G is a better phone than anything else Samsung has introduced at a comparable price point. So under Samsung Galaxy M14 Review, You can get it if you desire 5G connectivity, a phone with above-average performance, battery, affordable, great display, camera setup, and performance.

The Galaxy M13 5G, for example, remains an option for those looking for speedier performance, but with a lower-resolution screen and an older version of Android out of the box.

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