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The Best Way to Prepare The Search String (2023)

Welcome back to US IT Recruitment Training Session 6, In this article we are going to discuss The Best Way to Prepare the Search String, and for that, we need to focus on several points below-

  1. Analyze Requirements using Raw Data or Raw Format of Requirement.
  2. Read The Requirement’s essential skills set.
  3. Understand the client’s exact needs.
  4. Prepare The Search String Accordingly.
  5. Test Search String &
  6. Find the best talent

So we will discuss all these points one by one in the same order, so let’s get started.

Analyze Client’s Requirements using Raw Data or Raw Format of Requirement-

In this Step 1 you will see, how do you get requirements from clients, although I have picked this job description from Glassdoor and this looks pretty clean, most of the time you need to clean the requirement on your own which looks like the below screenshot,

prepare the best search string us it recruitment job description

I only added this job so you experience, what clients’ requirement looks like, so Let’s have a quick look at the given requirement below and we will read it and analyze it in Step 2.

Read The Requirement’s Essential Skills Set.

Let’s read this requirement carefully and we can make some conclusions on behalf of this-

1. This is a Financial Client and they need a Java Developer with 3-5 years of experience in various technologies like Java Development, Advanced Java Language which is J2EE, Experience with Spring, Hibernate, etc.

2. Candidate must have similar level experience in any RDBMS, whether it is Oracle or SQL.

3. There are a few plus skills as well like Frontend Development, Big Data Development, and a few other technologies mentioned.

after reading everything we can say that our client needs a Java Full Stack Developer with some big data experience, and this is the hot button of the requirement, so in the initial phase of searching best talent, we will focus on these pointers only to Prepare The Search String.

Let’s Understand the Client’s Exact Needs and Prepare The Search String

So let’s focus on the below points and get one more step ahead so we can prepare the best search string and focus on the best talents-

  1. They need someone with the combination of the skills we mentioned in the previous point.
  2. They need someone who can work onsite in Little Rock, AR (USA). (This indicates that we need to focus on local candidates first)
  3. The Candidate must have at least 3-5 years of experience. (This indicates that we can use any visa for this role as the client hasn’t specified any visa restriction).
  4. The candidate must be able to start soon.
  5. Candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field..

Prepare The Search String Accordingly:

Let’s have a look at the boolean search string below, it will give an exact idea of how to prepare the best search string, and I will try to give multiple samples for the same.

Sample 1:

Java AND J2EE AND Perl AND (Spring OR JDBC OR Hibernate OR MVC) AND (RDBMS OR SQL OR Oracle OR Sybase OR TSQL) AND (“Data warehouse” OR DWH OR EDW) AND (“Front end development” OR JQuery OR Bootstrap OR Angular OR “Big Data” OR Hadoop OR Cassandra OR Spark OR Python OR Scala)

Sample 2:

Java Perl (J2EE or Spring or JDBC or Hibernate or MVC) (RDBMS or SQL or Oracle or Sybase or TSQL) AND (“Data warehouse” or DWH or EDW) (“Front end development” or JQuery or Bootstrap or Angular or “Big Data” or Hadoop or Cassandra or Spark or Python or Scala)

prepare the best search string

Things to Notice:

You must have noticed that we have prepared 2 strings here, each string has 2 parts, 1st part is in normal characters and the second part is in bold and italics, I did that because I wanted to show you that the first part is mandatory or required skills set which our client will be focusing for sure and will not entertain any resume lacking in these skills.

Although the Second part has all the skills mentioned in plus section or is nice to have, these are called desired skills.

This is how we usually focus and try to prepare the search string.

prepare the best search string 2

You may have any question then please feel free to comment below-

Test Search String:

The next step is just to copy and paste these skills in your job portal and if the string is prepared correctly it will certainly show you a limited number of results, otherwise we would need to amend our string accordingly and put it back into portals.

Find the Best Talent:

Use the string you prepare the best search string and enjoy finding the best talent.

prepare the best search string 3
Final Words:

Hope this article has given you enough insight into how to prepare the best search string for job portals and ATS, Sample 1 is the standard form of the string which can be used on any portal and any ATS , although the second sample has some limitations because it may not be that much effective on all the portals or ATS.

Please feel free to comment if you still have any questions.


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