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10 Important Facts on Lava International and Lava Care

Lava International, A leading Indian telephone agency, has been making waves within the enterprise with its Lava Care services division. In this article, we are able to take a comprehensive study of Lava Care, along with its services, purchaser opinions, marketplace position, increase plans, economic performance, corporate social responsibility projects, and lots more.

Company Overview:  Lava International / Lava Care

Lava Care is a service division of Lava International, An Indian mobile smartphone producer. The enterprise became based in 2009 and has due to the fact increased its services to consist of restore and protection for a whole lot of digital devices, consisting of cellular phones, laptops, and pills. Lava Care has over a hundred provider centers across India and is known for its rapid and dependable provider.

Lava International Company - Lava Care
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Services Offered by Lava Care: Lava Care offers a wide range of services, including:

  1. Repair and maintenance offerings for cell telephones, laptops, and tablets
  2. Software updates and installations
  3. Data healing and backup
  4. Warranty services for Lava gadgets
  5. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services for corporate customers
Lava International - Lava Care
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Benefits of Lava Care: The benefits of using Lava Care services include:


  1. Fast and reliable carrier
  2. Experienced and trained technicians
  3. Genuine spare elements used for repairs
  4. Affordable fees
  5. Convenient service centers located throughout India

How Lava care protected:

Lava Care works by means of supplying customers with various after-income offerings that might be designed to assist them in remedying any problems they will face with their devices. The initiative consists of the following steps:

  • Register Your Device: Customers can sign up for their gadgets at the Lava Care internet site or by way of calling the devoted helpline wide variety.
  • Request Service: If customers face any issues with their gadgets, they are able to request service through the Lava Care website or by means of calling the committed helpline quantity.
  • Doorstep Service: Once the service request is received, Lava Care arranges for the tool to be picked up from the purchaser’s doorstep.
  • Repair: Lava Care makes use of true parts to restore the device and guarantees that it’s repaired as quickly as feasible.
    Delivery: Once the device has been repaired, Lava Care arranges for it to be brought back to the patron’s doorstep.
  • Warranty Extension: Lava Care gives an assurance extension on devices that have been repaired under the initiative. This guarantees that clients have peace of mind understanding that their gadgets are blanketed.


Lava International
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The market position of lava care:

Lava Care is a leading company of restoration and renovation offerings for digital devices in India. The organization has a robust presence in the Indian marketplace and is known for its rapid and reliable service.

Growth plans of Lava International:

Lava Care plans to increase its provider centers throughout India and introduce new offerings, including on-website repair and preservation for corporate clients.

Financial performance of Lava Care:

As Lava Care is a sub-division of Lava International, financial data for the service division is not publicly available. However, Lava International stated a sales of INR sixteen.2 billion for the monetary yr 2020-21.

Corporate social responsibility:

Lava International is committed to the company’s social obligation and has undertaken various projects to guide the network, consisting of schooling and healthcare applications, environmental initiatives, and catastrophe alleviation efforts. Lava Care also helps the organization’s CSR initiatives.

Customers review and feedback of lava care:

Customer opinions and feedback are crucial things for any business, and Lava Care isn’t an exception. Through such as testimonials or critiques from Lava Care customers, we are able to benefit from insights into the effectiveness of the company’s offerings and the level of consumer satisfaction.

Many Lava Care clients have praised the business enterprise’s offerings for their brief turnaround time and affordability. Customers have referred to Lava Care’s technicians are knowledgeable and professional in repairing numerous cell cellphone brands and fashions. They have also appreciated the business enterprise’s smooth-to-use online platform, which lets in them to ebook restore appointments and song the repute of their gadgets.

Some clients have additionally highlighted the convenience of Lava Care’s pickup and shipping provider, which allows them to get their gadgets repaired without leaving their houses or places of work.

This has been especially useful for customers who stay in far-flung areas or have busy schedules. Lava Care has received tremendous reviews from customers for its professionalism, reliability, and high-quality of service. Customers have additionally stated that the organization’s services are cost-powerful and provide value for cash.

Of course, there were some negative opinions as well, with clients reporting issues along with delays in provider and unsatisfactory maintenance. However, Lava Care has taken steps to cope with those issues and make sure that customers are satisfied with their services.

Customer critiques and feedback show the effectiveness of Lava Care’s offerings and the level of consumer pride. By incorporating these comments into our assessment of the business enterprise’s offerings, we can advantage a higher know-how of the satisfaction of its offerings and its potential for growth inside the destiny.


Lava International office
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Future plans for Lava care:

Lava Care, the after-income service division of Lava International, has been gaining traction inside the Indian cell phone market due to its focus on presenting reliable and cost-effective services to clients. As the demand for cell telephone restoration and renovation offerings continues to upward push, Lava Care has outlined its destiny plans for enlargement to cater to a wider range of clients.

One of the key areas of consciousness for Lava Care is to expand its reach beyond its current provider facilities. The organization plans to release several new provider centers in special parts of the USA, together with tier-2 and tier-3 towns, to make certain that clients have clean access to its offerings.

This will involve putting in a sturdy logistics community to allow green device pickup and delivery. Lava Care is seeking to beautify its present services by making an investment in era and professional manpower.

The organisation plans to put into effect superior restore technology consisting of robotics and automation to enhance the fine and speed of its offerings. It additionally plans to increase its personnel with the aid of hiring and schooling skilled technicians to provide on-website online aid and protection offerings.

To cater to a wider range of customers, Lava Care is also exploring new carrier services. For instance, the organization is considering launching a doorstep restore provider, where technicians can visit customers’ homes or offices to restore their devices. This carrier is predicted to appeal to clients who may not have the time to visit a provider middle or decide on the convenience of having their gadgets repaired at their doorstep.


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Lava Care’s future plans reveal its commitment to offering the best after-income offerings to clients in the Indian cell cellphone marketplace. With its focus on expanding its reach, investing in the era, and exploring new service services, Lava Care is nicely placed to cater to the developing demand for dependable and fee-effective mobile smartphone restoration and preservation services.

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