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Mission Gaganyaan of India: A Great Achievement

As We all know that India has recently launched Chandrayan Mission 3, and is ready for another Mission Gaganyaan of India, Mr. Jitendra Singh (The Minister of Science and Technology) has announced that the Gaganyan a manned space module would be launched shortly.

Mission Gaganyaan Gaganian (1)

Mission Gaganyan

The initially assumed expense of Mission Gaganyan is estimated is Rs. 10 thousand crores, Gaganyaan mission was basically designed to send a crew of 3 astronauts into space for around 5-7 days until 2022, but due to Coronavirus the mission Gaganyaan was postponed, as it was earlier scheduled on the occasion of the Aajadi ka Amrit Mahotsav / 75th anniversary of independence.

  • Gaganyaan is the first Space mission of India that will carry 3 Indian astronauts into space including one woman astronaut.
  • ISRO will be responsible for setting this spaceship at a height of around 400 km in the Lower Orbit of the earth.

Mission Gaganyaan Gaganian (1) Project

Introduction of Gaganyaan Mission

  • Gaganyaan is an ambitious mission of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
  • As per Gaganyan’s schedule, a total number of 3 flights will be sent into the lower orbit of the Earth.
  • Two flights without humans and one astronaut space flight are planned.
  • This Gaganyaan system module will be known as the orbital module, which will have three Indian astronauts (2 Men and 1 Woman).
  • Gaganyan will fly around the Earth in a lower orbit at an altitude of around 300-400 km above the earth for around 5-7 days.

Mission Gaganyaan Gaganian (1) Project

Major Information about Gaganyan Mission:

  • The payload of Gaganyan consists of Crew Module – A spaceship having people in it.
  • Gaganyan Service Module is equipped with two fluid engines.
  • Gaganyan will be equipped with an emergency exit door and emergency mission reset or mission exit function.
  • The GSLV MK 3, which is also called LVM-3 (Launch Vehicle Mark-3), would be used as a 3-stages medium launch vehicle, LMV3 has the essential payload for launching Gaganyaan.
  • Mission Gaganyan is based on Russian Education as In June 2019, the ISRO Human Space Flight Center & The Russian State-Owned company Glavkos mos
    signed a training deed that included the process of candidate selection, medical examinations as well as Russian support for space training.
  • All the selected candidates will be studying the systems of the Soyuz manned spacecraft in deeply and will be trained to operate in short-term zero-gravity mode aboard an Il-76MDK aircraft.
  • Soyuz is a Russian spacecraft that transports people and cargo from the international space station.
  • The IL-76MDK is a military transport aircraft, which is specifically designed for parabolic flight by trainee astronauts and space visitors.

Benefits of Mission Gaganyan for India:

  • Gaganyaan Mission will help in raising India’s level of science & technology and will inspire young people.
  • The Gaganyaan Project is supposed to involve a large number of institutions, several laboratories, disciplines, industries, and a lot of departments.
  • Gaganyan Mission will help to improve space industry growth.
  • The Indian government has recently announced the creation of a new organization, which will be known as IN-SPACe, and will be working as part of reforms to increase private sector involvement in the space sector.
  • This mission will help in developing technology for India’s social benefit.
  • This mission will also help to enhance international cooperation.

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Other upcoming projects in India:

  • Shukrayan Mission: ISRO is also tentatively planning a Venus mission called Shukrayan.
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